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Macbook Pro Overheat Blue Screen


Moving away the ATI directories may work.. Install a clock screen saver, set it on a shelf somewhere, turn the computer on and walk off and leave it. Apple Certified Service Centre suggested replacing the logic board after a week in tests (all Apple tests showed no errors). Reports of the issue first cropped up in February, but have become more frequent over the past month. my review here

I noticed that the screen "flickers" on greyscale images and other graphic distortions. Letting a hardware test run isn't going to find the issue. I picked it up and replaced the drive on my own. If you're using shop air (from a compressor, using a standard nozzle attachment), make sure the air is clear and free of water vapor before dusting the laptop. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5891980?tstart=0

Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair

I have an old Dell laptop and it overheats. Apple introduced an automatic graphics switching system back in 2010, which automatically decides which graphics chip to use, the integrated chip, or the discrete chip, depending on the graphics task the If you have "lost $25k" I think you should have a new or at least working machine at the $1K lost mark. What would I should problaby think about Apple's Quality Control and Apple Products' lifespan?… Can someone explain this to me?.

Apple should fix ever affected computer… well every early 2011 MBPro - and if LB/Graphics replacment boards do not fix it - they should offer a next best quality referb (late July 8, 2011 Chris Rogers If all else fails a fridge works wonders. After I was able to reach screen, I was going to install my Adobe. Macbook Pro 2011 Logic Board Replacement Program I found it extremely useful to video the issues as they happened.

Another way to clean the air vent is to vacuum it at full whack. drx1 Possibly move the graphics drivers back … (make the system writable) … - forward: mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD* ~/Desktop/ - reverse: mv ~/Desktop/AMD* /System/Library/Extensions/ ?? Try dual booting Linux and Microsoft and you will feel the difference. weblink However I have so much money tied up in software and hardware for my studio, music and photo that in reality a Windows machine is not going to be able to

unless you own an iPhone 6s 23 Nov 16 Read More Latest Apple Reviews Advertisement How to get Windows 10 for free | How to install Windows 10: There is still Macbook Pro 2011 Graphics Card Fix There is a little program called ColorSync Utility in your Utility folder. Getting the HDD out would be a good idea if HDD is located near the vents. Doesn't seem to be worth it as I can buy an 11" version of the latest MacBook Air for slightly more.

Macbook Pro 2011 Logic Board

I was then told by some dude, my condolences and he hung up on me.

Ishh , planning to get newest 13″ mbp for fcpx usage. Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair I brought it in for repair, but I have read in the forums that replacing the motherboard is only a temporary fix, and the problem returns. Macbook Pro Repair Extension Program For Video Issues Now a PC GUY again unfortunate me too.

Here's my story: My macbook pro 15″ early 2011 (8GB + 512 SSD) was off for 15 days as I was on a trip. this page Kimmie Sharon All of my posts are removed by Apple have been since I received the machine way back in early 2011 and it was DOA on arrival but they refused He did go back and plugged in a usb wireless mouse and sure enough no power and they logic board was replaced. The business process is not beyond your control - maybe Apple is clueless, I hope you are not… Kimmie Sharon No I am not clueless I ditched all Apple products and Macbook Pro Graphics Card Replacement

As soon as I got my Mac though, I gave my 5715z to a club I go to as there laptop is very limited on what it could do. Lucky me, my Apple Care is valid (expires feb 2014). A class action gives a certain % of the victory $ to the attorneys - and hopefully and will wake the EF up. get redirected here This has happened to me twice.

I've got AppleCare until this August, if this machine pukes on me like my last one, I hope it has the decency to at least self immolate before then. Macbook Pro Logic Board Replacement Program The heavy traffic I expect plus the potential visibility of the site may cause Apple to DEAL WITH IT. I've replaced the logic board once during the warranty period and now 2 years later, it happen agn.) He said there's a 90 days warranty to cover that and after which

July 11, 2011 Ron On rare occasions (every six months or so), when I close the lib of my laptop and place it inside it's carrying bag, the unit will become

Have you take your wife's laptop in for a check-up? When I use a Mountain Lion install USB thumbdrive to boot, a blue vertical line appears. It's been over a week and I still haven't received it yet. Macbook Pro Logic Board Failure Wojzilla Apart from the original logic board failing the other "elephant in the room" is the fact that many of the replaced boards are failing in the exact same way.

You have to check the authorized services centers on the city you are. Dying Batteries There are plenty of different types of batteries, and many different schools of thought on battery maintenance and life span, but one thing that seems pretty unanimous is that Haley Marie Sills I have the same problem with my 13 inch 2011 early Mac book pro! http://ephesossoftware.com/macbook-pro/macbook-blue-screen-beeping.php He then said "My Condolences" and hung up.

Browse other questions tagged macbook hardware or ask your own question. A keyboard so real you can almost TASTE it A clock for 2017 Simple non destructive spaceship liftoff engine Is this Tic-Tac-Toe board valid? Sometimes the screen turns blue. Bill Addison When you say there's a recall for this issue, do you have a link for this on the Apple site?

A second mac I purchased for my fiancee: Macbookpro 13″ mid 2012(~US$1660) had its Toshiba 750GB HDD dead. If that's a problem with anyone, you might want to test with older or beta drivers. After some trial-error i realized the problem was happening because of a low voltage in the logic board. I did not know I could have forced that issue and made them replace it however it wouldn't have done much good given they would have replaced it with the same

the 6750M and another AMD card are often disabled. the keyboard combination) doesn't always work the first time.